Ghostly apparition a haunting figure at Myer

Ghostly apparition a haunting figure at Myer
Noel Murphy | July 30th, 2010

POLTERGEISTS could give Myer Geelong shoppers more than they bargain for if old Morrie Jacobs has his way.
Morrie's ghostly spectre is said to haunt the store, where he maintained a draper, clothier, boot and shoe store dating back to the Gold Rush days.

Jacobs, the one-time "Champion of Cheapness", is the chief suspect behind reports of books, shoes, basketballs and other goods moving about mysteriously within the store.

Shoulders have been tapped, footsteps heard and even a translucent image sighted of a balding elderly man in a grey waistcoat with baggy grey pants, black armbands and silver fob chain, Geelong historian Kerri Lee reported a few years back.

"Books and shoes have been thrown from shelves and across the floor, and a row of television and radios inexplicably switched on," Lee told the Advertiser.

But the best account of old Morrie's paranormal activities is one that will send a shiver up your spine.

"Late one night, three managers were surveying the store when they noticed that a basketball was out of place . . . three foot off the floor, spinning in mid-air at the top of the escalators," Lee said.

You might hear old Morrie humming, too, if you listen closely next time you visit: "My store, Myer."