UFO's Over North Phoenix's Deer Valley?

Unusual lights over north Phoenix's Deer Valley reported by dozens
Steve Hammons
April 22, 2008
PHOENIX – The Associated Press is reporting this morning that, "Red colored lights that formed a square and then a triangle were seen floating over north Phoenix. The lights were visible for about 13 minutes around 8 p.m. Monday."

The lights then moved to the east, according to witness reports.

Phoenix TV and radio stations as well as the daily newspaper, The Arizona Republic, have posted video and still photos on their Web sites this morning.

The Republic carried the story on the front page of their local "Valley & State" section. The Republic said one of its reporters, Anne Ryman, witnessed the lights and her description is consistent with other witness accounts.

The Republic also reported that one witness says he saw three jets flying in the direction of the unusual lights.

(from americanchronicle.com)