Fancy tracking down railway ghosts?

Fancy tracking down railway ghosts?
Nene Valley Railway, Wansford
David Old, Chief Reporter
29 January 2008

PHANTOM fans will be hoping to encounter some ghostly goings on when they stake out a railway station.

Instead of waiting for a steam engine to pull up at the headquarters of the Nene Valley Railway, the ghost hunters will be keeping their fingers crossed for some spooky sightings.

Because a team of paranormal investigators will be spending the night at the Wansford depot, keen to discover if they can unravel some mysterious sightings at the site down the years.

They include a ghostly passenger who has been seen walking around the toilet area, plus six other sightings of possible phantoms. Doors have been seen to swing open and ghostly figures spotted on the platforms and on CCTV.

There have also been sightings of a brown lynx at the station in Wansford.

Organiser of the Paranormal Tours event, Kerry Marsay said: "Nene Valley is an unusual place to host a paranormal investigation, however it is bustling with potential. We are really excited and privileged at the prospect of investigating it.

"Although staying awake may sound difficult, with a full programme of activities and the potential for ghostly experiences, there is unlikely to be a dull moment."

The railway was launched in 1845 and runs seven and a half miles between Yarwell and Peterborough. However despite its long history increasing the chance it is haunted, staff and volunteers are pinning their hopes on the ghost hunters tracking down a more recent phenomenon.

Nene Valley Railway's Murray Brown said: "We will be interested to see what they find during the night, though if they spot any vandals while they're there we will be delighted.

"We had some more graffiti on
three Royal Mail coaches over the weekend so any help in catching these mindless yobs will be most welcome."

The ghost hunt will not be the first time that the railway has been linked to the paranormal however, it already hosts an annual The Haunted Tunnel with Thomas the Tank Engine.

That event for Save The Children charity involves a special trip through the 617ft tunnel underneath the A1 at Yarwell.

Mr Brown added: "It has been known for people to see strange lights along that tunnel on those days, but I couldn't say whether it was ghosts."

There are 24 places up for grabs on the ghost hunt on April 5. Places cost £99 and include all activities, supper and refreshments throughout the night.

Call 0871 2884036 for more information.