Devil Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

From Fortean Times:
Devil Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania
Rachel Bignell detects the whiff of brimstone as she enters the realm of the Horned One in Eastern Europe.
By Rachel Bignell

September 2007

Hidden away in the obscure Lithuanian town of Kaunas, the MK Ciurlionis Velniu Muziejus or Devil Museum is a well-kept secret. I visited mid-week, when the museum was virtually deserted, which only added to its inherent creepiness. There's something unnerving about being alone with 2000 devils...

Velniu Muziejus contains three floors, and a stunning array of devils in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials and hailing from all corners of the globe, is spread over them. The museum has a long-standing tradition: any visitors from foreign lands can bring their own native devil art to add to the collection, making for some interesting viewing.