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Accused pedophile's child-eating lists
By Nick Henderson

October 27, 2005

In the dock ... an artist's sketch of Robert Walter in court yesterday. Artwork by Tim Ide

A MAN who was allegedly found with child pornography, and detailed lists of South Australian children including their home addresses, phone numbers and schools, appeared in court yesterday.
During a special hearing yesterday in the Adelaide Magistrates Court, brought about following an application from The Advertiser, Robert John Walker was formally charged with one count of possessing child pornography.

Walker, 42, of Athelstone, had previously been refused bail because he told police "he had previous desires of eating the internal body parts of young girls", a bail refusal report says.

"(He) also maintained a detailed diary outlining lists of names, addresses and phone numbers of young girls under the age of 10 years," a police apprehension report says.

The report, contained in the court file, says Walker's ex-wife allegedly found several "computer disks, pornographic images, child pornographic images and documents" in his wardrobe.

"Included (in the documents were) bondage and food supply contracts detailing the removal of young girls' bodily parts for food," it is alleged in the apprehension report.

"(They) were labelled, "Rape and Bondage", "Bondage and Food Supply" and (had) authorisation letters to remove children from school to carry out these acts."

The "contracts" were unsigned documents, for principals to release their students to him, and included a promise they would not go to the police.

Documents filed with the court and obtained by The Advertiser that allegedly belong to Walker had "contracts" to remove the body parts of young girls, aged between three and 14, including their eyes, sexual organs, heart, lungs and brains.

Papers allege Walker said "he wrote and typed" out his fantasies "to avoid carrying out these acts".

Police documents say Walker's ex-wife found the material after the two broke up because he cheated on her.

"As she was cleaning (his) wardrobe she located a number of items underneath it," papers say. She immediately took them to Holden Hill police station.

The list named more than 60 people - primary school children, pre-schoolers, three and four-year-olds, babies and mothers.

Documents also allege police found two desktop computers, 14 floppy disks, a compact disk, sketch books, children's underpants, a notebook and a phone book.

They say 750 children's images were found, with thousands more found after an investigation into Walker's email addresses.

Police said Walker posed a "significant threat to the community", bail refusal papers show.

Magistrate Gary Gumpl yesterday ordered a psychological report.

Walker was placed in custody pending the report. He will reappear on Monday.